Patriot? Then Be Proud Out-loud

Take pride in your nationality as part of this great, sovereign country. Your homeland is part of what defines your origins. Be prepared to defend her against attackers and naysayers. Our founding fathers believed in trade, immigration, religious freedom, fair taxation, education, the arts, security, and “the pursuit of happiness.” These ideals are part of our collective identity. Loving America and what she stands for is a way of loving yourself and appreciating where you’ve come from, regardless of your origin.

Act as an ambassador for your country

Consider how the nation’s diversity has contributed to the society we all enjoy. The melting pot of different ethnic communities, cultures, languages, and religions defines our national heritage. Differences are what enable our art forms, writings, small businesses, medical advances, and inventions. Cultural foods, festivals, parades, and celebrations make life more interesting. Embrace diversity and strive to promote a culture of inclusiveness wherever you are.

Be an active contributor to the economy

Put all your skills and talents to use toward the economic prosperity of your nation. Be a law-abiding citizen dedicated to helping others. Rather than harboring resentment, be proud that you can pay your fair share of taxes to provide the security net that raises others out of crippling poverty. Do what you can to promote a clean environment for subsequent generations.

Defend your nation

Military personnel are the ultimate patriots; they deserve our gratitude and utmost respect. When you see a member of the military, go out of your way to extend your thanks for their sacrifice. Pray for the safety of our troops overseas. You don’t need to be an active member of the armed forces to defend our nation. Citizens can protect our country by working in our hospitals, participating in local government, by defending our democracy, or working with charitable organizations within their communities for the welfare of others. Honor your nation and promote its goals wherever you are. Remember, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.


Empowering questions:

1. How do I encourage more patriotism?
2. Am I positively and actively engaged in our democracy?
3. How can I promote American values in the work that I do?

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You Really Can!

If you think you can’t accomplish a thing, or if you’re pessimistic, negative, discouraged, disappointed or always thinking that you can’t.. I’m here to tell you that you’re right… and you won’t! Most people with goals and dreams take council from friends, relatives, significant others, and co-workers that have never ever gotten out of the boat, much less walked on water….. So, why would you consider anything they have to say about your LIFE and what they believe you can’t do!

For example, would you take council on how to care for a parrot, from anyone that has never owned a parrot? Or, would you consider taking council from anyone on how to raise a teenager, when that person has never experienced that opportunity? Therefore, be very careful with whom you share your goals and dreams with. Or, if you choose to share, be prepared that the person you’re eager to share this dream with, may not be as excited about your dream as you want them to be! When this happens it can discourage and delay your efforts from ever getting out of the starting block!

Staring Block

Additionally, you may have to consider finding a network or a club (physical or virtual) of people that have similar goals to encourage you on how to get out of the starting block with vigor! Remember, when there is no RISK there is no REWARD!

Realistically, you may also need to consider disengaging a bit with those friends that have never accomplished any of their goals and dreams! Why? Because, if you continually listen to their rhetoric, rational and reasoning of why they never raised the bar on themselves, you too will be part of the problem! It’s been said, “if you are the smartest person in your circle of friends, you need a new circle of friends.”

Begin building-up your belief window by:
• Finding others that have similar goals and dreams and embrace a formidable accountability partner
• Schedule regular check-in’s with this network to build and strengthen your self-confidence
• Study to improve your knowledge-base and begin to build a road-map to reach your goals
• Take one step at a time and build your confidence one day at a time.
• Locate books and or DVD material to keep you inspired, encouraged and motivated to stay engaged with your dreams!