Start The New Year By Developing A Keen Sense Of Individuality…

Doesn’t it feel great to have a unique personality? A clearly defined entity, different from others, helps you move forward with high confidence and pride. Individuals are not limited by the fears or judgments of others. They pave their own paths and contribute their great ideas to the world. Individuals live life with more joy. They know what they believe in and lead lives that are true to themselves. They understand the freedom offered by uniqueness. They know that a well-defined sense of self gives them the backbone to withstand criticism and bumps in the road. Only when you are true to yourself can you live with no regrets.

Experiences cultivate your personality and uniqueness

Brain researchers have discovered that individual experiences are what influences the development of new neurons, leading to measurable changes in the brain – in essence, individuality. Everything that happens to us -good or bad- shapes who we may become. Different personality traits and behaviors surface in response to challenges and changes faced in life. Who we are today may not be who we once were or who we will become. Accept that you are the unique byproduct of your experiences. While you cannot control every experience that you have in life, you can decide how to reflect upon your experiences and process them to form positive or negative neural pathways. You can also choose to seek out pleasant experiences that develop specific aptitudes, skills, interests, and qualities.

Respect the individuality of others

By the same token, you will take notice of character in others. You likely interact with many other people on a day-to-day basis. Some people may seem “odd” or a striking contrast to you. Give credit to others for the interesting viewpoints they provide to the discussion. Compliment others on their unique qualities. It is natural to look up to others, but avoid allowing the influence of others to sway your own personality, sense of style, or opinions. Sometimes, it’s all right to “agree to disagree” or to have two completely divergent views. If someone questions your actions, offer a respectful answer and justify your points with your own sense of individuality.

Respect the choices of others

Supportive family members and friends will love you for your strong-willed commitment and respect your choices, even if it makes them uncomfortable sometimes. Your actions relate to your past experiences, your unique interpretations of the present situation, and your beliefs about the future. Similarly, you should take care to respect the choices of others. You cannot know the totality of what they have experienced that has led them to their current crossroads. You do not understand all the emotions and beliefs that reside inside another person. Accept whatever choices made by others as an extension of their individual personalities, even if you do not understand or agree.


Empowering questions:

1. How do outside sources affect your sense of individuality and style?
2. What hints point to the fact that I am being true to myself?
3. When is it okay to rely on others’ viewpoints to help me decide?


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Author: Lisa Morgan Mosley is a Certified Business Growth Coach practicing in the United States and Canada.

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The Truth Is, Reading Really Is Fundamental

Reading opens your mind to expand your knowledge. The most basic reason to read is to assimilate information that has been explored, compiled, and passed down through the ages. Our own individual experiences are no longer the limit to what we can know. There are infinite subject matters to study from authors we’ll never meet, from all over the world, from many different points in time.

Works of fiction and poetry are also important reading materials, as they invite us to explore alternative perspectives that may be far removed from our own. Imaginative passages pick up our minds and transport us into someone else’s shoes for a time, allowing us profound experiences of empathy. Even if there is no basis in reality, the mind flexes its empathetic muscles and exercises this essential skill.

Reading benefits your mind

According to The Huffington Post, there are many science-backed reasons to read every day:

  • Reading cultivates “theory of mind” – the skill of being able to read others.
  • It takes just six minutes of reading to relax when you’re feeling stressed.
  • You’ll experience slower memory decline and may even stave off Alzheimer’s.
  • It’s a great way to wind down before bed and help you sleep.
  • Reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jose Saramago, and other fiction increases feelings of empathy.
  • People who receive therapy and read have lower depression levels than the therapy only group.

Follow international news to stay informed about global happenings

Reading makes a responsible and well-informed global citizen. You may find that what you read illuminates a path toward activism or helping others. When you read about history, you understand the struggles our forefathers have gone through to give us a bright future. The experiences and struggles of others can make you forget your distress, and serve as inspiration for the resolution of your problems.

A good story provides inner peace and relaxes the mind

Make reading your first preference whenever you feel down. It’s so easy to pick up a book and mentally transport yourself to a new place. The characters of good novels are filled with qualities you may recognize in people you know. Their storylines may parallel issues in your own life – or they may be radically different and whisk you away on an exciting adventure. Each person reads a story differently and extracts what is needed from the narrative.


Empowering questions:

  1. Besides reading, what are other ways to achieve knowledge?
  2. How can the real-life experiences of other people motivate me?
  3. How can I use the knowledge gained through reading to change my situation or myself?



Finally, don’t underestimate the value of a Coach. If you are grappling with your established business and laboring with lackluster sales, perhaps you should consider working with a Professional Business Growth Coach.

This partnership will empower your professional growth, those of your team, while positively impacting your revenues by 21.5% or more.

Author: Lisa Morgan Mosley is a Certified Business Growth Coach practicing in the United States and Canada.

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Alone Time Opens Up Your True Self

Spending time alone allows you to know your true self and discover what you truly think about matters of importance, without the influence of others. Everyone needs some alone time each day to consider life circumstances and reconcile actions with inner beliefs. In our solitude, the universe reveals the most creative solutions to our greatest problems.

Spending time alone gives you the opportunity to celebrate your true self

So much of our lives are consumed giving of ourselves and doing for others. You may spend your alone time taking a scenic walk close to home. You may sit in your backyard in the summer or near a cozy fireplace in the winter. When you are alone, you may enjoy reading books or listening to music. Reading books helps you gain insightful knowledge while listening to music helps you enjoy the voices and talents of others in a way that connects with your soul. Meditation and yoga will help you relax your mind and focus on yourself.

“Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.” – Robert Brault

In your quiet moments, think about the pleasing parts of life and conjure up thoughts that make you happy. At the end of the day, only YOU are responsible for maintaining a positive attitude and grooming yourself for success. Reject negative thoughts or impulses that go against your beliefs. Consider what imbues your life with the most value.

Work towards maintaining what matters most– your sanity!

Contemplate how you can enrich your life with more of what makes you feel happy and fulfilled. Set goals in solitude and plan how to achieve them. You can use your alone time to be productive, but be sure to balance your alone time with sufficient rest and relaxation. Do not despair in your quiet hours of reflection. Enjoy this chance to lead a more meaningful and successful life by following your intuitions.



Empowering Questions:

  1. What can I do when I am alone?
  2. How often do I take time away to restore myself?
  3. Where can I go to bask in solitude and evolve my true self?



Finally, don’t underestimate the value of a Coach. If you are grappling with your established business and laboring with lackluster sales, perhaps you should consider working with a Professional Business Growth Coach.

This partnership will empower your professional growth, those of your team, while positively impacting your revenues by 21.5% or more.

Author: Lisa Morgan Mosley is a Certified Business Growth Coach practicing in the United States and Canada.


Keeping Your Commitments Is Part Of Your Personal Brand

It is important to shape your commitments because so many people depend upon them. Make a habit of honoring your word, no matter how big or small the commitment may seem. Do not offer false commitments to tell others what you think they want to hear. It is more important to stay true to yourself and your word. You can take pride in being known as someone who is dependable and respectful of other people’s time.

People with good intentions make promises; people with good character keep them… 

People trust you to be honest and realistic about what you can give, do, and achieve. Keep your work up to date, your projects completed on time, and attend all meetings punctually. Come prepared to your meetings and be fully present with others, devoting your full attention. Develop a clear understanding of your responsibilities to others.

Be determined to keep your promises with your family

The workplace is not the only place where people are depending on you. Keep commitments made to family and loved ones, too. They rely on your attention, guidance, and love to support them throughout life. Deal with others’ hearts judiciously to avoid trampling on the feelings of others or letting them down. Your competence to keep promises will develop faith and confidence in your relationships.


Live with intergrity

To avoid broken promises:

  • Know that saying you are going to do something is not the same as actually doing it.
  • Schedule all the promises you make, keeping track in a calendar or agenda book.
  • Take time making decisions. Learn to say “I’ll think about it”, “I’ll let you know,” or simply “No.”
  • Ask questions to clarify what a person is asking of you before you agree to commit.
  • Communicate early if you foresee a problem delivering on your promises.
  • Prepare everything you need to leave the house the night before and allow double the travel time.
  • Make effort to know yourself, to be aware of subconscious motivations and hidden ambivalence.

Empowering questions:

  1. What is the best way to honor my commitments personally and professionally?
  2. What are the best ways to remind myself of the commitments I’ve made?
  3. How can I be more punctual and prepared in my appointments with others?



Finally, don’t underestimate the value of a Coach. If you are grappling with your established business and laboring with lackluster sales, perhaps you should consider working with a Professional Business Growth Coach.

This partnership will empower your professional growth, those of your team, while positively impacting your revenues by 21.5% or more.

Author: Lisa Morgan Mosley is a Certified Business Growth Coach practicing in the United States and Canada.


Concentrate On The Journey Ahead

Focusing on the many opportunities life holds keeps you moving forward, happily and productively. The future holds the piece of history we are still writing.

Today, we have all the power in the world to change tomorrow. All of your life experiences and perspectives over the years have prepared you for this moment to embark on your journey toward the future.

“Let us not look backward in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness.” – James Thurber

Our past like the ex we just can’t let go of – sweet smells, familiar, comfortable.

For some situations, we may find, as time goes on, we tend to idealize the positive and forget all the negative drama happening at the time.

Particularly, in relationships, there can be many loose ends we can’t quite wrap our minds around, making it difficult to forge ahead into new romantic endeavors.

In other cases, we may be unwilling to stop playing a reel of anger and resentment regarding someone from our past to prevent “losing” them or facing the underlying hurt.

We all have nostalgic moments to reminisce, but make sure you’re not stuck facing backward. If you are habitually longing for the past, you should:

  • Forgive yourself for past mistakes and work through the guilt. Accept it as part of your journey.
  • Forgive others. If you can’t, fake it until you make it. Time will heal your wounds.
  • Realize you are not your thoughts. Slow your racing mind and connect with an ocean of calm.
  • Look at the choices before you, replacing “I should have” with I will.
  • Give yourself some time to grieve, but set some goals for what you will do when this phase ends.

Future possibilities are brimming with excitement

Picture a blank piece of paper before you. Imagine you’re sitting in your car, about to start driving, with no idea where you’re going and no map to get you there.

Is “fear” the first thought that comes to mind? That is a natural reaction… until you understand that uncertainty is your greatest asset.

There are infinite paths ahead of you, so many rewards to grab hold of, untold riches coming your way.

Challenge your assumptions about your limitations – what can or can’t be achieved.

Challenge your ideas about how the world should work and see the world as it actually is. Let go of that “something” that is holding you back.

Instead of thinking of all you don’t want, think of what you do want. Whittle down the overwhelming number of choices to pick a path that suits your talents, interests, and desires.

Make your decision and walk out into the world with your eyes wide open.

Take note of the beauty in where you are at this point in your journey. You are learning, experiencing, adapting, and growing.

Anticipation is rewarding in its own regard

You don’t need to take a vacation to enjoy the rewards of one. Vacationers feel happiest while planning their trips and daydreaming about all they’ll do, according to a 2010 study of more than 1,500 people published in the journal of Applied Research in Quality of Life.

Similarly, a 2007 study by Leaf Van Boven and Laurence Ashworth published in the journal of Experimental Psychology found that students felt happier anticipating their vacation than they felt later reminiscing about the trip.

So immerse yourself in a daydream by reading, watching films, and talking to others about future plans, whether it’s about a vacation, a future career endeavor, a date, a new baby, an impending move, or whatever the case may be.

Keep your mind on the prize of possibilities in life, on dreams of greatness.

Accept the current set of circumstances as they are and set new initiatives, so you can forge ahead with confidence to meet whatever the future holds.


Empowering questions:

  1. What are the methods that I can employ to help me in letting go of my past experiences?
  2. How can my day be improved with daily planning?
  3. How prepared I am to face any circumstances that come in my way?

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Author: Lisa Morgan Mosley is a Certified Business Growth Coach practicing in the United States and Canada.

First, Nourish Your Mind

Physical nourishment is just one type of fuel. Most basically, “nourishing your mind” means avoiding processed junk food and overindulgence in alcohol, caffeine, or other drugs. Strive to lead a pure existence. Hydrate your body with water and keep tabs on the vitamins and nutrients you’re getting. Choosing optimal nutrition gives you the power to heal and balance yourself. What you eat influences your emotions, feelings, moods, motivations, and ability to enjoy life with energy and enthusiasm. You may find it helpful to meet with a dietician to get a pulse on how well you’re fueling yourself with food.

Surround Yourself With Positive Vibes.

Cut people out of your life who you know will hurt you and attack your mind. Invite positive people into your life and focus on activities that nurture the “inner you.” Dine with companions who are great conversationalists to enhance your wellbeing and spiritual growth. Appreciate your company and the pleasant atmosphere that surrounds you.

Stir Your Soul with Meaningful Activities.

There are many soul-stirring activities to incorporate into your life:

  • Travel at least once a year even if it’s just a two-hour road trip or train ride to the next town over.
  • Visit an ethnic market, culinary institute, or gastropub to taste food you’ve never tried before.
  • Shop for a color you don’t normally wear, dye your hair, or get a new cut to reinvent yourself.
  • Make a pastry that requires some creative decorating work.
  • Learn the art of meditation to release yourself from negativity, worry, and mental clutter.
  • Create a home sanctuary – a place filled with everything you love and need to relax.
  • Get out into nature, taking a walk and soaking in the sights, sounds, and feelings.
  • Start a new ritual an hour before bed that doesn’t include television, computers, or phones.

Feed Your Mind With Creative Pursuits.

You are more than just a physical body; you are a unique spirit. To make sure your mind and soul are content, feed yourself with creative mediums like craft, literature, and melody. Regularly read spiritual books to reframe your perspective. You can find lists on Good Reads or the Amazon “Spiritual, Self-Help” list. Use online apps like Spotify or Amazon Music to discover new music. Look at Pinterest or visit your local craft store to find a project that excites you. Pick up an instrument you learned how to play that has been collecting dust and refresh your creative memory. Keep a personal journal of your daily thoughts and feelings to lead a spiritually rich life packed full of purpose and meaning.


Empowering Questions:

  1. What is the ideal blend of nourishment needed to cultivate my mind?
  2. What spiritual “food” do I need to grow my spirit?
  3. How can I deal with gloomy thoughts that threaten to shrink my world?



Finally, don’t underestimate the value of a Coach. If you are grappling with your established business and laboring with lackluster sales, perhaps you should consider working with a Professional Business Growth Coach. This partnership will empower your professional growth, those of your team, while positively impacting your revenues by 20% or more.

Author: Lisa Morgan Mosley is a Certified Business Growth Coach practicing in the United States and Canada.




July 30, 2017


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In the NOW

Yeah, we brag about achieving frequent flyer status. However, we are all frequent flyers when it comes to bouncing around the past, present, and future. We do it continuously. Call it lessons learned (past). Call it a to-do list (present). Call it goal-setting (future). The challenge is spending our time in the place it will do the most good, which is living and taking action in THE NOW!


“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.”  Henry David Thoreau

Baggage Restrictions

Time traveling is something we do frequently and with great ease. How often have we asked our love ones to visualize their future? Even when someone is fully living in the present–living in the now–they still may not be achieving their desired results. Could this be because of excess baggage they drag with them from their past?

We might do well to adapt the guidelines and restrictions placed upon our luggage when we fly (in real time) out of town. The best advice seems to be, the less we bring with us the faster we will pass through the check points and reach our desired destination.


“I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.” Groucho Marx

One Bag Only, Please

The future we dream about is like the narrow security checkpoints in the airport terminal. We can pass through them quickly and easily provided we are not carrying anything that will hurt ourselves or others. The bags we carry-on must be limited to one and must be small enough to pass through the “time machine.”

If we are lugging an enormous trunk full of yesterday’s baggage, we are simply not going to fit through the gap. Even if we check this extra luggage, it will only cost additional time and effort at Baggage Claim and be waiting for us at our destination. Do we really need to bring all this stuff with us? In reality, we can either jettison our baggage from the past or go nowhere fast.

Consider this:

  • Is what your carrying positive or negative?
  • Is it a good or bad memory?
  • Is it anything that you can change now?
  • Is it a conversation that should take place?
  • Is it a negative unknown assumption?
  • Is it an automatic negative thought?
  • Do you use language that includes, “I always” or “I never?”
  • Are you using language such as, “but if” or “I can’t?”

Believe it or not any of these dark or angry thoughts are disempowering. News flash, GET OVER IT and Get rid of that stink ‘in think ‘in.  You have too much life to live, too many places to go, and too many people to see.

If you are not living in the NOW, and have disempowering thoughts, think about assigning yourself an empowerment accountability partner that communicates with you frequently. Ask them to call-out when you have negative conversation, and ask them to highlight and acknowledge when your conversation and tone is positive and empowering.

If you are carrying baggage from yesteryear… you must release it! Not for them, but for you.  It’s not healthy to carry anger. Lisa Firestone Ph.D. says, “The benefits of forgiveness include reducing anger, hurt, depression and stress, while increasing feelings of optimism, hope, compassion, physical vitality, self–efficacy, conflict resolution skills and confidence.

Release the excess baggage, live in the NOW and happy travels!


Lisa Morgan Mosley
Biz Growth Coach
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Welcome Feedback vs. Taking a Defensive Position When Offered

So you were told that feedback is vital for your growth and development, although many times when you hear feedback it derails you and leaves you feeling defensive. It needs to be noted that how you receive feedback along with who is providing it has a great deal to do with how you unpack what is actually being said. Right?

The good news is, defensive mechanisms are a learned behavior that you can train yourself to overcome. The next time you feel like you’re under attack, keep these points in mind.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

Maya Angelou


Accepting Feedback – Understanding Your Derailers

  1. Examine your past. Feeling like your being judged unfairly can reveal unresolved issues from earlier years. Ask yourself if you’re responding to the immediate situation or still caught up in trying to justify yourself to a parent or ex-spouse.

  2. Consider the source. Maybe you’re okay with feedback in general, unless it comes from a stranger or someone you don’t get along with. Keep in mind that strangers and adversaries may bring up valuable information your loved ones tiptoe around.

  3. Keep it private. It’s more uncomfortable being lectured in front of an audience. Let others know that you’d appreciate talking one-on-one.
  4. Reframe conflicts. Airing grievances has its upside. You bring disagreements out into the open where they can be resolved instead of festering into something worse. Plus, the process of collaborating on solutions tends to deepen the connection between colleagues, friends, and family.

  5. Shift your mindset. Look at feedback as an opportunity to grow instead of a sign you flunked some big test. You’ll feel empowered rather than threatened.

  6. Affirm your value. Shore up your self-esteem so you’re ready for your next performance review or family meeting. Remembering your accomplishments, as a top salesperson or gourmet cook will give you the confidence you need to brush up in a few more areas.

Accepting Feedback – Working on Communication Skills 

  1. Slow down. Pausing for a deep breath will give you time to calm down and hear what’s being said. That way you can decide how to respond instead of automatically shutting down or lashing out.
  2. Listen to your body. If being defensive has become a habit, you may need to watch closely to notice the symptoms. Check whether your pulse is racing or your jaw is clenched.
  3. Face your feelings. It can be hard to look at ourselves honestly and navigate a sensitive conversation. Acknowledging that you’re stressed or uncomfortable makes it easier to deal with your emotions.

  4. Avoid retaliation. Your first impulse may be to strike back by pointing out the flaws in others. If you resist that temptation, you’re more likely to have a productive discussion.

  5. Offer validation. Let others know that you respect their opinions and want to understand their point of view. Repeat back what you heard in your own words. It will give you time to think and show that you’re sincere about collaborating on solutions.

  6. Search for truth. Sometimes feedback is off base and delivered without much skill or good intentions. Before you dismiss it entirely, remember that there may still be some valid insights buried in there. Think it over or ask someone you trust to help you sort it out.

  7. Suggest alternatives. Receiving feedback skillfully doesn’t always mean acting upon it. That decision is up to you. You may want to explain your position and express your willingness to work things out some other way.

Constructive feedback helps you to enjoy more happiness and success. Being open to comments and criticism will strengthen your relationships and put you on the path to achieving your potential.



Lisa Morgan Mosley
Business Growth Coach
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Project Positive Energy Onto Others


What you achieve in life is a direct payback of what you give. Projecting positivity to others is like a boomerang that will always return to its master sooner or later. Make it known that you are an encourager who provides a shot of confidence to anyone who needs it. Consider it a blessing to be gifted with the ability to share a positive outlook that helps others grow stronger.

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” – Ronald Reagan

Do not bury your head in the sand. Extend help to all loved ones you see in conflict. Offer assistance to change their disagreements for the better. Act as a mediator to alter the mind-set of parties bogged down by disagreement. Remind others how they used to love each other. Show them how to reduce anger and open their hearts to constructive resolutions. Look for little ways to lend a helping hand. Instead of telling others how it should be, ask what role you could play in supporting others who are in crisis. Perhaps you could run a few errands, cook a meal, do a little research, or simply lend an ear.

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” – Abraham Lincoln

We have a moral obligation to do our best in equipping our children with the positive outlook necessary to succeed in life. Children, in particular, can fall prey to negative attitudes. They are just learning to cultivate their talents and do not yet fully appreciate the concept of delayed gratification. We can encourage our children to develop a positive attitude, often, just by spending quality time with them. Let the feeling of a truly wonderful day surrounded by loving family members envelope your children. At the end of the day, talk about some of the moments you most enjoyed together. Help your child become more self-aware by inviting them to discuss their feelings, sensations, and body processes. Nurture a culture of gratitude. Gently prod your child to try again, break down complex tasks, or look at a problem from a different perspective. Model calm responses yourself. Good eye contact and a warm tone can go a long way. Choose your words carefully. Instead of saying “no” all the time, try to reframe your response in a positive manner or ask a thought-provoking query.

“I am too positive to be doubtful, too optimistic to be fearful, and too determined to be defeated.” -Unknown

Set an example of positivity and productivity in your workplace that motivates others to give their all and hit their targets. Smile, laugh, and joke more often. Take a deep breath and take a walk when the task gets stressful. Show gratitude by thanking others for their contributions. Find freedom from “The Overwhelm” by saying “no” to what you don’t want and “yes” to what you need. Make room in each day for yourself and for fun to have greater freedom over your time.

Empowering Questions:

  1. What can I do to encourage people who doubt themselves?
  2. How can I reassure myself when I feel disappointed?
  3. How can I share my positive energy with others?



Lisa Morgan Mosley
Business/Corporate Coach
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